Tennis Is For All Ages
Tennis is a universal sport that appeals to people of all ages. Recently the USTA introduced a new concept in youth instruction called "10 & Under Tennis" (TAUT). This style of teaching has made learning more fun for our younger junior players. For more information on 10 & Under Tennis click here.

Many parents enroll their youngsters in tennis lessons, appreciating the fact that this is an activity that their child may continue to enjoy for years to come. You can  start a young child in a group tennis lesson once he or she is old enough to hold the racquet properly and follow directions (usually around school age), or can sign up an older child who has good eye-hand coordination in a semi-private group
or private tennis lesson in order to master the skills and get a dose of healthy competition.
Tennis Anyone?
If you have your heart set on learning to play tennis or want to give your child a good introduction to the game, tennis lessons from a well qualified teaching tennis professional is the surest path to success. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to find a tennis instructor who has strong teaching skills, not just strong playing ability.
It’s also important to keep realistic goals for your adult or kids’ tennis lessons. Remember that tennis can be a challenging sport for kids’ and adults to master, with many layers of progression to take the game to the next level. Therefore, no matter how good your tennis coach is, he or she won’t be able to turn a beginner into a professional tennis player overnight. Much hard work, practice and natural ability is needed.
Lesson Rates
Private Lessons are for all ages and abilities. Private instruction is a great way to speed up your learning process. Privates are offered year-around, seven days a week. Prices are:
  •     Half Hour Private: $25
  •     Hour Private $50​
Semi-Private Lessons are for individuals wishing to share a lesson with a friend who is at a similar level of play. Also available seven days of the week and any time of the year. Prices are:
  •     Half Hour Semi-Private: $15 per player
  •     Hour Semi-Private: $30 per player
Call Patty at (619) 777-6475 for scheduling. ​

Where Are Lessons Located?
Our lessons are held at the Granite Hills High School Tennis Center located at 1719 E. Madison Ave., El Cajon CA. Please click here for a map and directions to the courts on campus.